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The Perfect Adoptive Family: Lily’s Story


*This story was received during our 2016 summer story contest by Rebecca James, Case Manager for KVC West Virginia. You can also read it on page 15 of our 2016 Annual Report.

Rebecca James, Case Manager

Lily is a teenager who had been in West Virginia foster care for some time and needed a forever family to adopt her. Just like any teenage girl, Lily wanted to do normal fun things like go to ball games, straighten her hair and talk to boys. When I met her, I knew she longed for a family to adopt and care for her forever, and I hoped to find that for her.

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During a court hearing to decide a permanency plan for Lily, the prosecuting attorney and guardian ad litem suggested that she live in a group home for girls. One of our KVC values is, “children grow best in families,” and I knew this beautiful, bright teenager deserved a home and family to call her own – not a group home. I convinced the courts to let me find a find a family for Lily, and one couple in particular came to mind.

Crystal and Dyer Frame are KVC foster parents and I knew their parenting and discipline style were exactly what Lily needed. The Frames agreed to care for Lily, and she thrived tremendously in their home. Lily was adopted by the family and has learned how a healthy family works – something she would have never experienced in a group home. She now understands the boundaries and consequences that have been put in place for her out of love. Most importantly, Lily is a very loved teen who has a supportive, loving family forever.

Everyone needs and deserves the stability and support that a family can provide. If you or a family you know are interested in adopting, visit our website to meet children in need of a forever home and consider these benefits of adopting an older child from foster care. If you are ready to take the first step toward becoming a foster or adoptive parent, contact us today!

Learn more about fostering with this free guide, The 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Foster Parenting!

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