In-Home Family Services

KVC provides two types of in-home family services: mental health therapy and Socially-Necessary. There is a great deal of research showing the positive impact of conducting these services in the home as opposed to an office setting. The family home is where challenges exist and where change must occur.

Child, Family and Individual Mental Health Therapy

in-home therapy

Using trauma-informed treatment approaches, KVC licensed therapists provide high-quality mental healthcare to children, families and individuals in the privacy of their own homes, at the child’s school, at our offices or via telehealth. KVC therapy services give children, families and adults the tools needed to maintain healthy, stable relationships. Services are child-centered, family-driven and strength-based. We provide therapy services to children and adults who have Medicaid and meet APS Healthcare and Medicaid criteria for medical necessity.

KVC also uses its unique Safe and Connected™ model to develop a constructive, working relationship between the client and their therapist to improve safety outcomes. Interventions include: 

  • Engagement and assessment: A comprehensive assessment of client’s strengths and protective factors alongside risk factors and history of frequency, severity and duration of harm 
  • Seeking solutions: Working together constructively with family and community; may involve collaboration among professionals and other service providers 
  • Securing safety and belonging: Meaningful involvement of family members, including children and youth, and their views in assessment, planning and decision making 

Our licensed therapists provide quality mental healthcare by developing trust and treating the whole person. These services are designed to help children and adults process trauma, resolve conflicts and address behavioral and mental health related issues so they can live happy and healthy lives. Therapists are trained in the evidence-based treatment approaches, including Trauma Systems Therapy.

We offer both individual and family therapy. Contact your local KVC office to check therapist availability in your area. We serve clients equally, without regard to race, color or national origin.

Admission Criteria

Clients referred to KVC for therapy services must meet the following criteria:

  • Indication of or diagnosis of having a behavioral health issue and are in need of treatment services
  • Assessment for child or adult required to meet state requirements or authorize services
  • Other treatment plans have been unsuccessful
  • Risk to self, others or property
  • Meet APS Healthcare and Medicaid criteria for medical necessity
  • Individual or family must also be eligible for Medicaid or Medicaid through a Managed Care Organization (i.e., Aetna or The Health Plan)

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Socially-Necessary Services

in-home therapy

Socially-Necessary services are interventions designed to maintain or establish safety, permanency and wellbeing. These services aim to improve relationships and social functioning while preserving a family’s ability to stay safely together. We work with children and families in their own homes, where services are most effective and convenient. 

KVC West Virginia provides in-home Socially-Necessary (ASO) Services through a partnership with the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR). This program is funded in part under an Agreement with the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources.

Referrals for Socially-Necessary services are generated through DHHR only, and clients of Child Protective Services or Youth Services are eligible to receive these services. Contact your local KVC office to make a referral.

ASO services are provided in-home and include:

  • Adult Life Skills
  • CAPS Services
  • Home Maker
  • Individualized Parenting (KVC West Virginia uses the Nurturing Parenting along with Positive Parenting with a Plan Curriculum)
  • Pre-Reunification
  • Safety Services
  • Supervised Visitation I and II
  • Transportation

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