Adoptive Family Training & Support

KVC adoptive parents go through the same training process as foster parents. KVC provides adoptive parent training in conjunction with West Virginia Child Placing Regulations and Joint Commission requirements. We provide the following trainings as part of becoming an adoptive parent:

  • PRIDE, or Parent Resource Information Development and Education. A 30 hour course created by the Child Welfare League of America (CWLA) to learn about being a foster/adoptive parent
  • MANDT or crisis de-escalation. This course teaches potential foster parents about safe and effective ways to diffuse potential crisis situations.
  • CPR/First Aid. KVC provides American Red Cross classes for adult, child and infant CPR and First Aid.
  • Universal Precautions
  • Healthy Sexual Development in Children
  • Pregnancy Prevention and STD information

KVC also provides additional resources and training about becoming an adoptive parent. KVC provides monthly CEU classes once families are certified. Each adoptive parent must have 12 hours of CEUs each year to remain adoptive parents. New adoptive parents must have 15 hours of CEUs within the first year of certification. Six of these CEUs must be face to face. KVC provides useful and informative CEU opportunities that are relevant to caring for adoptive children.

All KVC foster and adoptive parents receive support through Permanency Case Managers, who visit the children in the home at least twice monthly. Home Finders are also good support persons for the adoptive families. The Home Finders visit the homes at least quarterly. KVC also offers 24 hour crisis support through their on call system.

KVC is also in the process of starting a Foster Parent Advisory Board to provide internal support for other foster/adoptive parents. This group will also work as client and foster/adoptive parent advocates in the community as well as to organize community KVC events.