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4 Ways You Can Help Children in Foster Care in Minutes

help children in foster care

Not everyone is called to become a foster parent, and others who are open to the idea may not be completely ready to foster at this time. Yet, when the statistic is mentioned that about 427,000 children are in foster care in the U.S, you might think that not being a foster parent means there’s not much you can do about it. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s plenty you can do! Here are a few ways you can help children in West Virginia foster care in minutes, some of which you can accomplish without even turning your screen off.

  1. Share/Like Posts on Social Media

This is as simple as it can get. By liking or following an organization that supports children in foster care, you’re spreading knowledge to everyone in your network about resources they offer and their overall cause. Anytime you repost or retweet from an organization, you never know who your action may reach. This doesn’t just include KVC and its affiliates; there are countless organizations out there that can benefit from more awareness. Consider sharing posts from a handful of foster care organizations out there, like the National Foster Parent Association and the Foster Coalition.

  1. Support Foster Care Initiatives

Listing all the ways you can give to foster care organizations would take all day and is enough to be its own article. However, there are quite a few options that you may have not known about nationally and here in West Virginia.

  • Local fundraisers – Check the Eventful calendar in West Virginia for any upcoming fundraisers that support child welfare. You never know when a really fun one is going on right down the street from you! You can also check our event calendar online.
  • Buy foster art – Want to add some color to those white walls? Instead of buying pictures everyone has already seen, check out amazing pieces on Foster Art Company and Doing Good Works. All proceeds go to help children in foster care!
  • Modify West Virginia – If you’d like to go the tried and true route, the Modify program at West Virginia University is a great place to send monetary donations as they help children transitioning from foster care into higher education and adulthood. We accept donations for children being cared for in KVC foster families, too.
  • Throwing away a bunch of your old toys? Wait! If they’re in good condition, consider sending it to your local foster care agency. If you’re in West Virginia, please mail it to: KVC West Virginia, 300 Kenton Drive, Suite 200 Charleston, WV 25311
  1. Mention Helping Children in Foster Care at a Community Meeting

Whether you’re attending a meeting at your town hall, church or child’s school, it never hurts to ask the question, “Are there ways we can help children in foster care?” You never know what the outcome might be. This simple question can cause a snowball effect that turns into full-blown, community-driven food drives, fundraisers and more. If a school is able to create awareness about child abuse and neglect and recruit some adults to become foster parents, it more likely that children will be able to stay in that school if and when they enter foster care. This is very important for the child’s long-term success.

  1. Learning About Foster Care

Educating yourself about foster care is free and can be as brief or in-depth as you like. Occasionally taking the time every once in a while to read a new article on foster care has the potential to accomplish a great deal. How? By keeping this topic in your mind, you have the ability to educate others and keep an eye out for potential foster parent referrals, even if you’re unable to foster. Foster Care to Success and are two great sites you can check out to get started.

While you may be able unable to foster, there are tons of ways you can help children in foster care in minutes. Among the various ways listed above, you can help children in foster care in West Virginia right now as well!

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