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Meet 4 Incredible Foster Moms Who Are Changing Children’s Lives – Week 3

May is flying by and that means time is growing short to celebrate National Foster Care Month!  We are honoring some of our great foster mothers on Facebook (like us there if you haven’t yet!). In case you missed it on Facebook, here is a recap. (You can also read about the KVC foster mothers we featured in week 1 and week 2.)

“The KVC Logan office would like to recognize Resource Foster Parent Brenda Harper. Brenda and her husband, Danny, have been foster parents for approximately 18 years. During this time, they have fostered 50 children and have also adopted children. Brenda loves being a foster parent and providing a good home for children. She takes time to develop a relationship with each child she cares for and shows love, kindness and patience with all. Brenda is a character in her own right. She loves to laugh, joke and always has a positive attitude. (She can even melt the heart of “The Grinch” – see picture). She participates in all KVC-sponsored activities and events, and is always one of the first to ask if she can help with anything. She is greatly involved with her church and Sunday school and works tirelessly with fundraisers to help send area children to places like Kings Island amusement park. Brenda is indeed a true asset to the Logan office and we love her greatly!”

“Dawn Cottrell and her husband have been Resource Foster Parents with KVC since April 2009. During this time, they have fostered 12 children. They have adopted two and taken legal guardianship of one. They are currently fostering two teenage girls. Dawn works well with teenagers, especially teenage girls, despite the challenges that come with the teenage years! Dawn is compassionate, caring and truly loves her family and the children they provide foster care for. She goes above and beyond to make sure the kids are taken care of while they are with her and have everything they need. Dawn is proactive in setting boundaries and consequences as well as rules and expectations and makes sure the kids follow through on these. Dawn and her husband still have contact with children they fostered years ago which speaks highly of their character and how much they mean to these children that they are helping. The two teens they are currently fostering already say they want to keep in contact with Dawn and her husband and still come back for weekend visits after they are safely reunified with their biological parents. Dawn and her whole family are great assets to the KVC family and we are so thankful to have them as foster parents!”

Sherry Pauley has been a resource foster parent since 2012. She and her husband currently care for five children in their home, two of which the couple adopted last year. She is an excellent advocate for the children in her care. While she feels that fostering is hard work, Sherry says that her fostering experience has been rewarding in so many ways. Sherry has experienced many life challenges during her fostering work. Throughout all the bump-in-the-road moments, she has demonstrated what a true champion she is for WV children. Thank you, Sherry, for everything you have done for KVC!”

Libby Hatfield and her husband Allen have been resource foster parents since 2008. Libby always tries to work with KVC and other agencies in order to give the children placed in her home the best opportunities possible. She and Allen have had numerous children placed in their home and she cares for and treats each child as if they were her own. They have taken legal guardianship of one child that has been with her 2008. They have also adopted four other children into their family. They currently have four more children placed in their home. Not only is the Hatfield home full, but so is Libby’s heart. Libby has been a true asset to our KVC family.”

Are you able to open your home to children who have experienced abuse, neglect or other family challenges and need temporary foster care?  Willing to purchase school supplies for children in need?  Able to make a donation for after-school events for children?  There are many ways in which you can help! Learn more about how KVC West Virginia makes a difference everyday.

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