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Meet 5 Incredible Foster Moms Who Are Changing Children’s Lives – Week 2

The second week of May brings a whole new group of foster mothers to admire!  All month, KVC West Virginia is recognizing foster mothers in honor of Mother’s Day and for National Foster Care Month on Facebook.  If you don’t already, you can follow us on Facebook here.

Kayla Stewart and her husband became resource foster parents in January 2015. Soon after they were certified, they opened their home to a newborn baby girl who needed foster care and the girl is still in their care. Although this is the first and only child they’ve provided foster care to, the couple have proven to be fantastic foster parents! Kayla has a big heart and is caring, loving and compassionate. She goes above and beyond to make sure this little girl has everything she needs and more. Kayla works part-time, allowing her lots of quality time at home and ensuring that the child is showered with lots of love and attention. She and her husband have a loving family who are very involved as well. Kayla and her husband remain open to fostering more children in the future and providing them a safe and loving home. Thank you, Kayla, for all that you do! You are an invaluable asset to the KVC team!”

Wilma Browning has been a resource foster parent with KVC since 1998. Before that, she had many years of experience with fostering through another agency. Wilma has welcomed dozens of children into her home and has even adopted four of those children. Children in foster care may be emotionally or developmentally younger than their chronological age due to abuse, neglect or other family challenges they experienced at no fault of their own. Wilma is willing to “step back in time” with these children because they may have missed a lot of stuff. She is a wonderful asset to KVC. Thank you, Wilma, for your years of service and dedication to WV children and families!”

“Foster Parent Edna Robertson has been a foster parent with KVC since 2014. Currently, she is in the process of adopting a sibling set of three youth. Edna is an exceptional person that has opened her home to children in need. She is loving, compassionate and always pleasant. She keeps a smile on her face! Edna is always up for a challenge and has taken in children with special needs and disruptive behaviors. She gives it her all, never giving up on them. Edna is always there for children. She recently spent over a week in the hospital with a child and stayed with them the entire time. As Edna stated, “That was where I needed to be.” Thank you, Edna, for all you do!”

Kelly Gibson has been a resource foster parent since 2014. In the time since then, she has fostered only a limited number of children, but those who have been in her home have had significant medical needs in addition to needs resulting from emotional trauma they experienced. Kelly has always shown herself to give 100% to whatever a child’s need may be. She works with physical and occupational therapy recommendations, health care providers, and Birth to Three early intervention programs to help the child make as much progress as possible. She goes above and beyond in researching nutrition and works to provide very healthy meals and snacks. She does all this in such a loving and selfless way. Kelly’s dedication is why the Wyoming and Raleigh KVC staff would like to recognize her for the outstanding job she does.”

Shelia Cooper is a supportive, nonjudgmental and wonderful mother with three adult children and two grandchildren. Shelia and her husband, Jim, are also the adoptive parents of three siblings. The Coopers became resource foster parents so that children in need could have a safe and secure environment while their parents work through their challenges. Sheila has cared for several children in foster care who have injuries and disabilities. She has provided outstanding care to these children. Her adopted son had severe injuries due to physical abuse and the Coopers were told he would never walk or talk. But with the family’s love and care and continued trips to Morgantown for support, he has flourished in their home. All three of their adopted children are well-adjusted and delightful children. Sheila has also taken care of children with challenging behaviors to keep them in the local area. She has gone above and beyond to ensure the stability of these children even when it was stressful for her. KVC staff wish to send a BIG thank you to Shelia Cooper! You are a valuable asset to KVC and all of the children you help.”

Thank you to all of our foster mothers (and fathers!) for the wonderful job you do each day for West Virginia children.

There are hundreds of local children who have experienced abuse, neglect or other family challenges and need caring foster families. Do you want to become a foster mother or father? Learn more here and contact KVC today!

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