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Meet 5 Incredible Foster Moms Who Are Changing Children’s Lives – Week 1 

The month of May has a lot to offer. Not only is the weather warming up; it is also National Foster Care Month and Mother’s Day. Last year, KVC staff looked for a way to celebrate foster care while also honoring mothers. We decided to honor a different KVC foster mother for each day of the week in May on our Facebook page. These are amazing women who, along with their families, have opened their hearts and homes to children who have experienced abuse, neglect or other family challenges. Foster care is a safe place that gives the child and his/her birth family an opportunity to resolve conflicts or disruptions and learn healthy skills so the child can safely return home.

The profiles of KVC foster mothers were such a great way to recognize them and were a hit with our followers, so we decided to honor a new set of foster mothers this year.  Below is a recap of some of our honorees:

Becky Bowe has been a resource foster parent since 2007. Since that time, she has welcomed dozens of children into her home. She is excellent in gentleness, steadiness, and firm boundaries regarding what is appropriate and what is not. She sets the boundaries early in the relationship. She shows children that she is interested in what is going on in their world and how they feel. She has a knack for putting herself in the child’s shoes. She is truly making a difference in the lives of these children.”

“The KVC office in Wayne County, WV recognizes Kimberly Meddings as a foster parent that goes that extra mile. Kim has been a Resource Foster Parent since 1997 and fosters teenage boys. Kim enjoys having a full house and ensures the teenagers learn independent living skills to become successful adults. In addition, Kim involves the boys in 4H. The teenagers enjoy attending meetings and going to 4H camp every summer. Kim is also a vacation planner and enjoys taking all the boys to places such as Tennessee and on beach trips. Kim is a foster parent that develops a lifetime commitment to the boys and continues to provide support and a family for the boys after they reach adulthood. Kim has helped them obtain homes, planned weddings, supported them while becoming fathers, and opens her heart and home to be a foster grandmother to their children.”

“Staff from KVC’s Raleigh, WV office nominate Catherine Mills as our first Mother for May. Recently the Mills were given an award at the Wyoming County Flag Ceremony for outstanding dedication to the kids of Wyoming County. One of the big reasons for this award is their exceptional work with a child who is being hospitalized in Ohio. The Mills have gone out of their way for the child and her birth mother. They often drive the child’s sibling to Columbus to visit with her sister. They make sure that the mother takes some time off from the hospital and gets some food and good rest. They have made her feel like family. They’ve done this all while caring for two additional children in foster care and two children of their own with A LOT of extracurricular activities going on. Catherine also encouraged another young woman in foster care to attend prom, making sure she had a dress and taking her to get her nails done.  On top of this, both parents are employed full-time.  This type of dedication is definitely in need of recognition!”

Stacy Burchette became a KVC resource foster parent in 2015 in Jackson County, WV. She has five children and is a wonderful, supportive mother. Stacy is extremely loving and caring and became a foster parent to provide a safe haven for children in need. If you ask the children she fosters, they will say she is their angel. She is also a strong parent that demands respect in a patient and kind way. In addition, she is a fierce advocate for all the children placed in her home. She demands they be treated with dignity and understanding. Stacy has been a true blessing to the children in her home. The entire KVC team is honored to work with her on a regular basis.”

“The Logan KVC office would like to recognize foster parent Opal Hite in honor of Mother’s Day. Opal and her husband, Mose, have been foster parents since 2014. Since becoming certified, they have cared for many children. The Hites have two adopted children and currently have four children they’re fostering. Opal is an amazing mother and works so well with the children in her care. Her love, kindness and patience is evident in her interactions with all of them. Opal’s home has a routine and is structured to meet the needs of the family. The children range in age from 1-7 and all are very well-behaved and mannerly. It’s a common sight to see Opal and Mose with their six children in tow, all holding hands when they venture outside the home. Opal can also be commended for placing the best interests of the children above all else, including reunification, when she might wish they could stay with her longer. We are fortunate and proud to have Opal as part of our KVC family!”

There are hundreds of children who have experienced abuse, neglect or other family challenges and need caring foster families. Do you want to become a foster mother or father? Learn more here and contact KVC today!

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