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KVC Recognizes Foster Fathers – Week Four Recap

The entire month of June, KVC WV has enjoyed featuring our many foster fathers on our Facebook page, found here.  However, if you missed it, here is a recap of our final week.

Josh Bissonnette


Josh Bissonnette

Josh Bissonnette and his wife, Chelsea, became foster parents in 2013. They have a young family, but they worked hard to become foster parents. Josh became a foster parent to take in his younger brother.  He has shown that he is a wonderful role model and works hard to care for his young family. Josh takes his job as a provider and father very seriously. He is a great example to his younger brother on how to stand up for yourself and make good things happen in your life.  Josh is the father of two young boys, and they should be very proud of the man they call Dad. He has been an inspiration to his brother to be independent and to take care of himself. Josh has encouraged his younger brother to obtain his education and strive to be the best he can be. Josh has also instilled his importance of family! Home Finder Lori Hesson and KVC staff salute Josh Bissonette as a GREAT FATHER!

See the Facebook post honoring Josh here

Jeremy Patterson


Jeremy Patterson

Jeremy Patterson and his wife, Kista, have been KVC Foster Parents since 2014. They decided to become foster/adoptive parents because while they were blessed with one biological child, they wanted a larger family. They thought long and hard about their decision, and their entire family felt it was right for them.

Jeremy and Kista agreed to care for two children the same day they were approved to become a foster family. Since then, Jeremy and his wife have worked as a team to improve the lives of the children in their home. His wife reports that becoming a foster parent has changed him. He is a different father. Hearing stories about children who have experienced abuse and neglect has made him stronger and love even harder.

Jeremy is a hardworking, loving and dedicated family man. He enjoys spending time outside with the kids doing all kinds of activities. He is also a wonderful caretaker for the children and does his part when Kista is at work. He is very patient, protective, and always kind to biological parents at supervised visits.  Home Finder Lori Hesson and the KVC staff are honored to salute Jeremy Patterson as a Super Father!

See the Facebook post honoring Jeremy here




Eugene and his wife, Sandy, have been KVC Resource Foster Parents since 2013. Eugene had been an amazing dad to the couples’ biological son who died in an accident at the age of 18. Eugene and Sandy now care for their niece and provide a loving home for children in foster care. Eugene is a hard working man who has an astounding faith in God. Eugene is a full time dad who is always willing to help his church and church family. Eugene loves spending time camping and fishing, and from the start of foster parent training, he wanted to include children in these activities. We would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank you” to a wonderful man, husband, and father.  Happy Father’s Day Eugene!

See the Facebook post honoring Eugene here

Matt McClung


Matt McClung

Director Kristi Ferrell and the KVC Lincoln office would like to recognize Matt McClung as an outstanding foster father!  Matt and his wife, Lisa, have been foster parents since 2012. Matt is a true “Mr. Mom.” He is self-employed and is the primary caregiver for the children 90% of the time. Lisa is a full-time nurse at St. Mary’s Hospital and works the night shift.

Matt and Lisa have three grown biological children. They have cared for 11 children in their home since becoming foster parents and are currently planning to adopt two boys that are brothers. Matt and Lisa treat the children in their home as their own. They attend church, and go on vacation and camping trips as a family. Matt always attends treatment plan meetings, trainings, doctor appointments and all school activities with the children. Thank you Matt, for all you do for WV children!

See the Facebook post honoring Matt here

Mark Campbell


Mark Campbell

Foster father Mark Campbell has two biological daughters, Loden and Elle, from a previous marriage. He is very involved in their lives and supportive of all of their activities. He works well with his ex-wife to co-parent them. He also has high expectations of them and keeps up on their school involvement. Mark’s wife Angela reports that the relationship he has with his daughters is one of the reasons she fell in love with him.

Mark and Angela were blessed when their youngest son Josiah was born in 2011. Mark is a wonderful father to him and such a supportive spouse to Angela. Mark just beams with love when he is holding Josiah.
Angela was not able to have any more children, but the couple wanted to add more love to their household. Mark and Angela became KVC foster parents in April 2014, and were blessed to almost immediately have a beautiful baby girl placed into their care. The family kept their strong faith in God as they cared for the baby girl and were able to adopt little Paisley last month.

Mark is an excellent father and a great role model for other foster parents. He and Angela attend trainings as required, are always available when needed for meetings and/or trainings, complete their paperwork on time, and Mark has been at every single home visit that involves KVC. We salute you Mark Campbell for being a wonderful father to these children!

See the Facebook post honoring Mark here

Jeff Graham


Jeff & Wendy Graham

Home Finder Tommy Redden and our Raleigh/Wyoming staff would like to recognize foster father Jeff Graham!
Jeff and his wife, Wendy, have been KVC Resource Foster Parents since 2010. Jeff is a wonderful dad to their four adopted/legal guardianship children. Jeff is an excellent role model not only for his kids, but those who are part of their church family. Jeff volunteers his time for his church and drives the church van to assist those who otherwise would not be able to attend. Jeff shows love and understanding and works to instill values.  Please join us in recognizing Jeff for all he does for West Virginia children and families! Thank you Jeff, and we wish you many Happy Father’s Days to come!

See the Facebook post honoring Jeff here

Our staff have enjoyed showcasing our wonderful foster fathers in June!  Thank you to our foster fathers and all of those who saluted them.  If you have what it takes to become a foster father, please click here for more information.

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