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KVC Recognizes Foster Fathers – Week One Recap

To continue the spirit of honoring those who are most important to us, KVC is honoring foster fathers for the month of June due to Father’s Day.  Each day, we honor a new foster father on our Facebook page (follow us here).  In case you missed it, here is a recap of week one.

Joe Runyon


Joe Runyon

The KVC Logan office would like to honor foster father Kenny “Joe” Runyon. Joe and his wife, Tina, reside in Mingo County. He and Tina have been foster parents for approximately ten years. During the course of these last ten years, they have faced many challenges as foster parents. However, they have always worked well with the children in their care and with KVC staff to improve children’s lives. Both have stated numerous times that they cannot imagine not being foster parents. Both Tina and Joe are stay-at-home parents. Tina has, however, volunteered at the local schools for the past two years. This has left Joe with the bulk of the responsibility for the children in ensuring they get to physician appointments, visitations, and scheduled meetings.

The Runyons can also be commended in that they have chosen to foster teenage males only. Joe works very well with this age group and has proven himself to be a positive male role model to them. Joe strives to teach them good morals and work ethic. He also stresses the importance of a good education and the need to set goals in one’s life. Most importantly, Joe teaches them the importance of family. Joe’s open and friendly personality makes it easy for the children to develop a bond and respect for him. We appreciate and thank Joe for all of his efforts and the commitment he shows to children and the foster care program!

View the Facebook post honoring Joe here

Ivan Salmons


Ivan Salmons

Ivan Salmons is a single foster father and has provided a loving home for many children. He started fostering with KVC in 2005. What makes a good foster father? Taking time for the little things, like running errands together or hanging out in the garage changing oil, sends the message that they like having kids around. They also take time for the big things like family vacations and camp-outs. These dads are into making family memories too. Demonstrating generosity and a loving nature by giving up the comfort of a relaxing weekend to take in a frightened child who needs foster care; teaching children not only how to work with their hands, but to understand a job well done. By doing these things, foster fathers are teaching the value of a strong work ethic. All of these describe Ivan. He is a true asset to KVC foster care, and we are happy to have him on our team!

View the Facebook post honoring Ivan here

Jeremy Cottrell


Jeremy Cottrell

Jeremy and his wife, Dawn, have been resource foster parents with KVC for 6 years. They reside in Clay County and have cared for 10 children in their home. They recently adopted 2 children, took legal guardianship of another and are currently fostering a teenage girl. Jeremy states that being a foster father has been a blessing to him and his family. He treats the children in his care the same as his biological children, and they are accepted into the family from the start. Jeremy and Dawn love fostering teens because they have teens of their own. They say fostering has been great for their biological children as well, and now they want to be foster parents when they grow up! Jeremy and Dawn intend on being foster parents for a very long time. They are a wonderful asset to the KVC family!

View the Facebook post honoring Jeremy here

Joe Vance


Joe Vance

KVC would like to recognize Logan foster father Joe Vance. Joe and his wife Tjuania have been KVC foster parents since 2013 and have provided a loving home for over 20 children since then. Joe is very kindhearted and soft-spoken. He is very thoughtful in his words and kind in his deeds. He has been a strong role model to the children in his home and keeps the children involved in activities. Joe sees the importance of family and giving others a second chance. He works well with our staff and is involved in the lives of the children in his home. He and Tjuania still have some contact with children that have since gone home. KVC wants to honor Joe for the role that he has played in the lives of children. Thank you, Joe!

View the Facebook post honoring Joe here

Ron Joplin


Ron Joplin

The KVC Logan office would like to honor foster father, Ron Joplin. Ron and his wife Jeanette have only been foster parents since 2014. However they have shown, in that short time, their love and commitment to the children in their care and the foster care program. Historically, Ron has not limited his work with children to the foster care system only. Long before he and Jeanette were formally certified as foster parents, Ron had taken on the role as mentor to children and youth in his community and his church. He has also been involved in coaching in area schools and leagues. Both Ron and Jeanette state they want to provide love, guidance, and a positive home environment to children in need of a home. Ron strives to teach children values, good morals, goals and a love of family. He has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh. He is also a sports lover and takes the children to most of the area games as well as encourages them to be a part of a team or an activity if they choose.

Ron and Jeanette have three children of their own. The personality and nature of their children reflect the Joplins’ personality as they are also kind, loving and caring. They have also been very willing to open their home to other children and share their lives with them.  We at the Logan office are very proud to have Ron on our team and as a part of our “KVC Family.”

View the Facebook post honoring Ron here

KVC is proud of our foster fathers!  If you want more information about becoming a foster parent, please contact your local KVC office!

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