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KVC Recognizes Foster Fathers – Week Two Recap

During the month of June (known for Father’s Day!), KVC is honoring one foster father a day to showcase just how wonderful our fathers are!  If you missed them on Facebook (follow us here), here is the week two recap.




James has been a foster father with KVC since 2012. He and his lovely wife, Sherry, are currently in the process of adopting a sibling group of three. He is always there when needed and is passionate about developing youth and helping them be the very best that they can be. His children mean the world to him. James says he has raised his children to live, love and laugh all the way through life. Sharing this time with children allows them to see that, contrary to some stereotypes, not all men are too busy watching TV to play. Whether wrestling, going to the playground, or out in the backyard, this foster/adoptive father take the time to interact with his children doing activities that they enjoy. We are blessed to have him as a part of the KVC team. Thank you James for everything you do for WV children!

View the Facebook post honoring James here

Richard Boggs


Richard Boggs

Richard Boggs and his wife, Tammy, have been KVC foster parents for 7 years. During this time, they have fostered over 20 children! They have adopted 4 children and are currently fostering two young boys who are brothers.

Richard loves children and loves that he and his wife can provide them with a safe and loving home. Being a foster father has been a tremendous blessing to Richard and his family. They want to take as many children as they are allowed! Richard is a good communicator, especially with older children. He gets them involved and lets them help out with projects around the house. Recently, one of the younger boys helped Richard build a porch. He loves doing karaoke with the children and taking them on road trips, as well as “typical” dad stuff! All children are welcomed into his home as part of the family. Richard and his wife are a wonderful addition to the KVC family!

View the Facebook post honoring Richard here

Okie Tilley


Okie Tilley

Okie Tilley and his wife, Mary, have been KVC Resource Foster Parents since March of 2008. Please join the Raleigh and Wyoming offices in recognizing Okie for all he does for WV children.

He has been “dad” to not only their three biological children, but also to 25 or more children they have fostered in their home and their 5 adopted children. Okie is always taking children fishing, to sports events, and playing video games. He is very involved with the kids and has at times cancelled his own plans so he can be available to help Mary with meeting the needs of the kids. This family is “constantly on the go” and work closely with DHHR to build solid relationships with several workers. Children love Okie and become very attached. Happy Father’s Day, Okie!

View the Facebook post honoring Okie here

Andrew Perry


Andrew Perry

Andrew Perry and his wife Beverly have been KVC Foster Parents since March of 2011. Andrew is retired and has been the primary caregiver for the children placed in their care. Andrew and his wife have successfully raised three of their own children and missed having kids in their home. The Perrys became foster/adoptive parents as they wanted to have their home filled with children again. The first child that Andrew and Beverly fostered was a young girl that had significant physical, behavioral and mental health issues. Andrew and his wife faced many challenges with this child and were contemplating whether or not they were going to be able to continue to help her. One day, Andrew came to the office and stated that he knew God intended for this child to be a part of his family when she looked up at him and said, “Daddy are you gonna give up on me like everyone else?” It was then that Andrew and his wife made the decision to be this child’s forever family. They have successfully adopted this child and have been totally committed to her. They continue to support her with her many challenges that include physical, behavioral, and mental health issues. Andrew and his family continue to foster other children and hope to adopt again. Thank you, Andrew Perry, for your dedication to children and providing a forever home for children!

View the Facebook post honoring Andrew here

Kenny Tomblin


Kenny Tomblin

The KVC Logan office would like to honor foster father Kenny Tomblin. Kenny and his wife, Jewell, have been foster parents with KVC since 2013. Kenny is very dedicated and committed to the children placed in his care. He has a very loving and nurturing nature, and is a very kind person. In fact, his kindness and big heart toward all children is very evident for all to see.

Kenny and Jewell have mostly cared for younger children, ages 0-10. They have faced many challenges with this age range including having some children with special needs. However, Kenny has worked diligently with these children to help them overcome some of their barriers. He always attends trainings offered by KVC to help further his knowledge of effective foster parenting to be better able to help the children placed in his care. He also works well with biological families as well as DHHR and KVC personnel.

Kenny is very family-oriented. He and Jewell have raised two daughters of their own. In addition, he has a large extended family with whom he has consistent contact. Kenny wants all the children he fosters to be able to experience the love and “feeling of family” that he and his family share.  Logan KVC feels very fortunate to have Kenny on our team and part of our “KVC family.”

View the Facebook post honoring Kenny here

KVC is so thankful for these and our other wonderful foster fathers!  If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, find out more information here.

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