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KVC WV Honors Foster Mothers – Week One Recap

For those who are not on Facebook or who haven’t yet liked KVC West Virginia’s Facebook page (like us here), we are honoring some of our wonderful foster mothers for Mother’s Day.  Every day in May, we are recognizing an outstanding foster mother. Here is the week one recap.

Crystal Frame


Crystal Frame

Home Finder Lori Hesson honors Crystal Frame:

“Crystal Frame has been a Resource Foster Parent with KVC West Virginia since June 13, 2014. She and her husband, Dyer, originally opened their home to a young teen mother and her son. Crystal had not planned on becoming a long-term foster parent to more children.

Once the Frame home was opened, things began to change for Crystal. She was asked to care for a baby while he was transitioned back into the home with his young biological mother. It was at this time that Crystal really began to shine as an excellent foster mother. She worked with this young mother and together they went to medical appointments for the toddler. She has been a support system for this young mother. Even now that the toddler has been reunified with his birth mother, he continues to visit with Crystal and her family on a regular basis. For this alone, I applaud her.

However, she once again surprised me in 2014. Crystal and her family took in two more teenage girls. Both girls were looking for a permanent home. She has integrated both of these girls into her large family, and they are soon to become permanent members of the Frame family. They are now a large blended family with Crystal, her three biological children, her wonderful husband Dyer, and their two foster-to-adopt daughters. Crystal Frame is truly an inspirational woman, and she deserves to be our first Honored Mother for the Month of May!”

View the Facebook post honoring Crystal here

Tjuania Vance

Home Finder Marsha Messer honors foster mother Tjuania Vance:


Tjuania Vance

“The KVC Logan office would like to honor foster parent Tjuania Vance for our first foster mother appreciation. Tjuania and her husband, Joe, have been foster parents since January 28, 2013. Since then, the family has had a total of 25 children placed in their home. Tjuania became involved in KVC’s foster parent program because she wanted to offer stability, love, and a home to children. She also stated she is “not done being a parent” as she and Joe’s children have grown up and left the home.

Tjuania is committed to all of the children who enter her home and is attentive to all of their needs. She ensures all medical, educational and transportation needs are met. She also encourages reunification of the family, as she feels family is the most important thing one can have. She and Joe both come from fairly large families where there is a lot of love. She works to develop a bond and trusting relationship with children and strives to impart her sense of family to them also.

Tjuania is also a business owner. She opened a very successful flower shop close to her home in 2014. She divides her time between her shop, her home and family, all while staying involved with the activities and educational needs of the children in her care. She has a very outgoing, fun-loving personality and a very good sense of humor. Tjuania has also shown she is willing to assist others in any way possible. We at the Logan KVC office feel very fortunate to have Tjuania as part of our team and our KVC family.”

View the Facebook post honor Tjuania here

Sonja Whipkey

Brittany Sponaugle, Home Finder, introduces Sonja Whipkey, Resource Foster Parent from Calhoun County:


Sonja Whipkey

“Sonja Whipkey became a KVC Resource Foster Parent in July 2013. Becoming a KVC foster parent was a long journey for Sonja as she dealt with life’s twists of fate. However, she has used her personal struggles to become a strong foster mother. Sonja and her husband Denzil became foster parents to provide a safe and secure environment for children in need. They wanted to make a difference in the lives of children, and they sure have done just that in the past two years.

Immediately after opening their home in July 2013, Sonja and her family took in a 15-year-old boy. He was a teenager in need of an adoptive home. Lots of families today do not want to take a chance on a teen. They are afraid. He needed someone to trust and to provide him with a stable home. Sonja became that caring parent with high expectations of him. From the beginning, she has treated him just like her own son. Sonja’s biological son, Tyler, has welcomed him as a brother as well. Sonja and Denzil are in the process of adopting him into their home. He will now have a forever family of his own that supports his contact with his biological sister. In the scheme of life, this is a big accomplishment and one to be very proud of as a mother.

Later in that same summer in 2013, Sonja and her family also took in a sibling group of three. Sonja and her husband have had these children in their home through their entire journey in the foster care system so far. She has advocated and worked with KVC and other community partners to ensure that the children receive counseling services and an excellent education. Sonja works closely with the school and is involved in all aspects of their lives. She truly cares about them. Sonja and her family will also be adopting these three children into their family later this year. Sonja has a huge heart, gives all of herself, and refuses to give up on these children. That is what it truly means to be a mother.”


Lynn Shaffer

View the Facebook post honoring Sonja here

Lynn Shaffer

Robin Cremeans, Home Finder in Lincoln County, recognizes Lynn Shaffer as an outstanding foster mother:

“Lynn Shaffer has been a KVC foster mother since December 2006. She and her husband Roger have been a true asset to West Virginia children. She has fostered 24 children since opening her home and goes above and beyond to work with children and families.  She is a good foster mother because she loves her children unconditionally. Thank you, Lynn, for your love and dedication.”

View the Facebook post honoring Lynn here

Wendy Graham

Home Finder Tommy Redden and the Raleigh/Wyoming KVC offices wish a very Happy Mother’s Day to Resource Foster Parent Wendy Graham:


Jeff and Wendy Graham

Wendy lives in Bolt, WV on her mini-farm along with her husband Jeff, their four beautiful adopted children and lots of “critters.” Wendy is a person who lives life to the fullest and loves to spend time with friends and family. She is always happy to share her experience of fostering and adopting, but will be the first to tell you that it has not always been easy. Wendy has a strong belief system and relies on her faith to guide her decisions. She has a huge heart and shows her love for others in everything she does. She is outgoing and highly energetic. Thanks Wendy, for all you do!”

View the Facebook post honoring Wendy here

Thank you again to all of our wonderful foster mothers!  There are still thousands of West Virginia children and teenagers who need a caring foster family. To learn about becoming a foster parent, visit today!

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