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KVC WV Honors Foster Mothers – Week Two Recap

In case you missed the excitement on KVC West Virginia’s Facebook page (like us here), we are honoring some of our wonderful foster mothers for Mother’s Day.  Every day in May, we are recognizing an outstanding foster mother.  Here is the week two recap!

Tina Sutherland

Home Finder Tiffany Skidmore honors a Wayne foster mother:


Tina Sutherland

“Tina Sutherland has been a KVC foster mother since March of 2013. Tina is a special mother that takes in teenage boys. She is very dedicated to making a difference in their lives. Tina and her family adopted two teenage boys over a year ago. Tina goes above and beyond in advocating for and meeting children’s needs. For example, if there is an educational need, Tina will not back down until the need is addressed, even if she has to “camp out” at the school. She is very supportive of the teenagers being involved in activities and attends all events. In addition, Tina ensures all medical needs are being met and has even traveled over three hours so a child in her home could have his braces removed. Tina makes no differences between her own children and the children placed in her care. She ensures they have what other kids their age have. Tina strongly believes in her family being a unit and they do numerous activities with all the children. Thank you, Tina, for making a difference in children’s lives!”

View the Facebook post honoring Tina here

Stacey Queen


Stacey Queen

KVC Logan office would like to honor Mingo County foster parent Stacey Queen as part of our foster parent appreciation month:

“Stacey has only been a foster parent since October 2014. She has however, in that short time, shown she is very committed to her role as a foster parent. Stacey has one child of her own, and has also taken on the monumental task of fostering six children. She and Steven Blackburn began their certification with fostering only two children. As time went on, they decided they would like to foster more children as they developed a deeper understanding of the need for a caring and stable home for children placed in foster care. Stacey and Steven have provided just that.

Stacey makes all children feel as if they are a part of a family. She shows them love, affection and individual attention. She has helped them to maintain a sense of family even when they cannot be with their own. Stacey has an outgoing personality. She is kind, loving, funny, and happy. She is very soft-spoken and always has a smile on her face, even if she is dealing with a frustrating situation. She loves the outdoors and any outdoor-related activities such as gardening, fishing, having cookouts, and ATV riding. She also has a very strong sense of family and love for children.”

View the Facebook post honoring Stacy here

Paula Boggs


Paula Boggs

Paula Boggs and her husband Stephen have been KVC foster parents since February 2012. They reside in Calhoun County. Since then, they have fostered 7 children. Shortly after their home was certified, Paula was diagnosed with cancer. However, this did not stop her. She continued fostering children throughout this time, proving how dedicated she is to helping children. The Boggs are currently fostering an 18 year old girl and her 16 month old son. The young mother and her son have been with Paula and her family for over a year now. Paula states that they are welcome to stay as long as they want, and “they are part of their family now.” Paula enjoys working with teens, which is great because placements are hard to find for teens. She especially enjoys working with young teen mothers. Paula and her husband have no intentions to stop fostering. She states that being a foster parent has been a blessing. Paula relies heavily on her faith as a guiding force during her time as a foster mom. Paula realizes that she cannot keep every child that comes into her home; she is happy just to help them out, no matter how short of a time they are with her. In addition to fostering, Paula and her husband have four children of their own. They have a busy household, but they wouldn’t have it any other way! Paula and her family are wonderful assets to the KVC family!

View the Facebook post honoring Paula here

Mary Tilley

Mary Tilley has been a KVC Resource Foster Parent since March of 2008. Please join the Raleigh and Wyoming offices in recognizing the contribution Mary has made to the foster care system:


Mary Tilley

“Mary has fostered over 25 children and adopted five, as well as taken legal guardianship of others. At times Mary has had seven or more children in her home. She would take 70 children if she was permitted! Mary truly believes that every child deserves a loving home. Mary and her husband Okie work closely with the WV Dept. of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) and have built a solid relationship with several workers. Thank you, Mary, for all you do for WV children.

View the Facebook post honoring Mary here

Tiffany Tackett

Home Finder Tiffany Skidmore honors Tiffany Tackett:


Tiffany Tackett

“Tiffany has been a KVC Resource Foster Parent since December 2013. Tiffany and her family desired to add to their family and chose to become foster/adoptive parents. They took into their home a young boy over a year ago. Since that time, Tiffany has shown her commitment to this child in many ways. Tiffany was made aware of his desire to be active in sports and jumped right in to enroll him. Since his placement, the child has played football, basketball, and baseball. She has advocated for him within the legal system and has spoken up for his rights. In order to have him at his required court hearings, she has traveled over two hours one way and taken numerous vacation days to get him there. Tiffany has welcomed this child into her family and they are in the process of adoption. Thank you, Tiffany!”

View the Facebook post honoring Tiffany here

Thank you to all of our fabulous foster mothers!  There are still thousands of West Virginia children and teenagers need a caring foster family. To learn about becoming a foster parent, visit!