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KVC Honors Foster Mothers for Mother’s Day

Photo: Crystal Frame, above, is the first foster parent we are featuring this month.

We all have a special caretaker in our lives. It may be a relative, teacher, or kind friend. These caretakers don’t have to give birth to us in order to be influential in our lives. These people comfort us, guide us, or hold our hands during tough times. They give us advice, provide us with structure, and build us up.  They can be every bit as important as a parent, even if they are with us just for a little while.

Because May is both National Foster Care Month and Mother’s Day (May 10), and in honor of the many people that care for and encourage the children we serve, KVC West Virginia is pleased to feature a different foster parent for each day in May.  This spotlight will take place daily on our Facebook page at, so make sure you are following us there! 

Although most of the people we honor in May will be women (for Mother’s Day), we will also be featuring our foster parents who act as both mother and father to our children.  Please take the time to read about these important caretakers and how they make a difference in the lives of children. KVC West Virginia is proud to honor our fantastic caretakers in the month of May!