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Meet 5 Amazing Foster Fathers Who Are Making a Difference – Week 3

June is over but we couldn’t miss the opportunity to recognize our great foster fathers! On our Facebook page, we’ve been honoring one of our foster fathers each day throughout the month of June (the month of Father’s Day), and we are continuing the fun here in case you missed it. You can also catch up on the week 1 and week 2 recaps.

The Logan KVC office would like to recognize amazing foster father Mose Hite. He and his wife, Opal, have been resource foster parents with KVC since 2014. Initially, the Hites were interested in adoption only and were blessed to be able to adopt a boy and a girl. However, both felt their home and family would not be complete without more children to love and care for. They made the decision to continue as foster parents and share their love and family with other children in need of a home. Since that time, the home has been full of love, laughter and TOYS, TOYS, TOYS! Mose is a kind, caring and patient man. He loves children and strives to put them at ease with his humor and warm personality. He takes time to talk with the children, building their self-esteem with encouragement and praise. He also does very well with being proactive in regard to curbing any negative behaviors. The children in the Hite home are all very well-behaved, well-mannered and happy.  The Logan KVC office is fortunate to have Mose as part of our KVC family and part of our KVC team!

The KVC office in Lincoln would like to recognize Basil Browning. Basil has been a resource foster parent with KVC since 1998. Before that, he was a foster parent for many years with another agency. He and his wonderful wife, Wilma, have fostered over 100 children while with KVC. Basil goes out of his way to be a great role model for children. He will put on an apron to play with the children in the kitchen and take them out to his farm to see the new baby goats. He is proud to help children as a resource foster parent. Thank you, Basil, for the good you are bringing into this world and for putting children first! Thank you for continuing to provide for, spend time with and invest in WV children in need so they can have a happy, successful future. Thank you for enduring and persevering through the obstacles you encounter as a foster parent. Anyone can live their “golden years” but it takes a golden heart to do it while fostering children. Thank you, Basil, for everything you do for KVC and WV children!

The KVC offices in Raleigh/Wyoming would like to recognize Brandon Godby. He and his wife Ashley have been resource foster parents since 2013. Brandon is an amazing dad and supports the interests all of the children in his care which include football, baseball and dance class. Brandon works full-time but rarely misses any of the children’s activities. He also attends all legal proceedings, multi-disciplinary team meetings (MDTs), court dates, and more. Brandon has established relationships with all MDT members and advocates for the children in his care. He is very nurturing and wants the best for the kids. Brandon is also a great spokesperson for KVC and actively recruits others to become foster parents since there are many more children who need safe homes. KVC is proud to know such a good person, role model, and foster father! Thank you, Brandon, for all you do!

Jim Prusack and his wife, Judy, have been foster parents since 1993 and resource foster parents with KVC since 2013. Jim and Judy have adopted two girls and taken legal guardianship of another teen girl. They also keep in contact with two other kids that they previously fostered and visit with their family regularly. Currently, Jim and Judy are fostering another teen girl as well. The Prusacks are one of our foster families that excel in caring for teen girls and they do a wonderful job at it! Jim is a very strong advocate for kids and does everything in his power to make sure their needs are being met. He attends all multi-disciplinary team (MDT) meetings and is the one who typically takes the girls to all of their medical appointments. He is also a good sport and takes them shopping for clothes! Jim has a very big heart and is compassionate and loving. He also realizes that kids need boundaries and consequences when they make bad decisions, so he makes sure these are enforced with the girls. Jim has a great sense of humor and handles being the only male in his household very well! Jim and his wife have been such fantastic foster parents and we are very lucky to have them as part of our team!

The Wayne KVC office would like to recognize Ronald Thacker as an outstanding KVC foster dad! Ronald become a KVC resource foster parent in 2013 when he married Carol Davidson. Ronald became an instant father and opened his heart to Carol and her family. Ronald is a kind, intelligent man with a great sense of humor. He enjoys being a foster father and is dedicated to teaching the children right from wrong, the value of reading, and the importance of education. Ronald has a passion for cooking and also enjoys teaching the children how to cook. Thank you, Ronald, for all you do for WV children!

Are you willing to open your heart and home to a child in need?  The state of West Virginia has hundreds of children who are in need of stable and loving homes. Find out if foster parenting is right for you with this free questionnaire!

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