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Meet 4 Amazing Foster Fathers Who Are Making a Difference – Week 2

All of this month, KVC West Virginia is honoring some of its great foster fathers. Our staff post a short tribute to a different foster father each day on Facebook, but in case you missed it, here is a recap!

The Lincoln Office would like to recognize Rick Stanley. Rick has been a resource foster parent since February 2008. He has fostered 26 children and currently is fostering three children. He and his charming wife, Brenda, have adopted two children. Rick is one of the most giving people that will go above and beyond the call of duty to help someone out. He is soft-spoken and has a witty sense of humor that the children in his care love and admire. He and his wife have hosted an annual Halloween party for all of the KVC families in the area. Rick has so many great foster father qualities. He is patient, loving, understanding, and is a good communicator. It isn’t easy being a foster parent. Raising a child doesn’t come with a one-size-fits-all manual, and that especially holds true for a child placed in foster care. In order to be a good foster parent, a person must be strong and persevere through the tough times. Rick is the perfect role model for other foster fathers. Thank you, Rick, for everything you do for children.

KVC Logan would like to honor resource foster parent Vaughn Gartin. Vaughn and his wife, Vonda, has been resource foster parents with KVC since 2004. However, they have been fostering for a total of 35 years. He and Vonda have dedicated a large part of their lives to fostering children and providing a safe, stable home. They have fostered over 200 children and have adopted two. Vaughn is committed to being the best foster parent he can be. He is caring, understanding, and always strives to do the right thing. Vaughn can be quite serious at times especially when it comes to his role as a foster father. However, he has a fantastic sense of humor, an infectious smile, and a winning personality. Vaughn and Vonda have always been an important part of our “Logan KVC Family” and will continue to be well into the future.

The Raleigh/Wyoming KVC office staff would like to recognize Alan “Mater” Mills. He and his wife Catherine have been resource foster parents with KVC since 2013. In this short time, they have fostered 24 children. Mater has gone above and beyond lately with the children he has fostered. In addition to his own kids, he has three kids in the home that he’s fostering and a fourth child they are fostering who is hospitalized in Columbus, Ohio. In the past six months, he has taken on the role of a parent for more than just his foster and biological children but also for the biological parent of the hospitalized child in foster care. Mater tries to ensure that the biological parent’s needs are being met and that she is taking care of herself. He and Catherine drive her sister to visit her and mother at the hospital once a month. He works full-time and yet finds time to coach softball and baseball. He has helped children find interest in sports and encouraged them to try new things. He is a good role model for children and shows them unconditional love. He encourages them to strive for greatness but supports them when they fall. He’s not afraid to do the tough things like going shopping for jeans with a teenage girl, make breakfast, or kiss “boo boos.”

Dyer Frame and his wife have been resource foster parents since 2014 and have adopted three children during this time! Dyer is a dedicated foster dad, going above and beyond for the children in his home and providing them with everything they need. They recently fostered two young boys who were in their home for a significant amount of time. Dyer loves the kids like his own. The Dyers do not consider themselves “foster parents” – just parents – and don’t consider the kids “foster kids” – just kids. Dyer and Crystal have surpassed all expectations of resource foster parents and are truly dedicated to what they do. Dyer is retired and Crystal is a stay-at-home mom which allows them lots of time home with the kids, especially now that it is summer time. They recently took the entire family, children in their care included, on a week-long trip to Disney World! They are also in the process of building a big addition onto their home, ensuring that all the kids will now have their own rooms and big play room to themselves! Dyer is very involved with the kids, getting down on the floor with them to play or color. Anytime the Frame home is mentioned, whether it be by another foster parent or a state agency worker, they have nothing but awesome, positive things to say about them! Dyer and his family are truly wonderful assets to the KVC family and we are so lucky to have them! Thank you for all you do!

Are you up to the task of becoming a great foster father? Or do you have other gifts or talents you can share? KVC West Virginia would love to help you shape the life of a child in need. Learn more about becoming a foster parent with this free guide, How to Know If Foster Parenting Is Right for You!

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