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KVC West Virginia Matches 100 Children with Loving Adoptive Families

On July 2, 2015, KVC West Virginia reached a great milestone in making a difference in the lives of children: KVC has facilitated the adoptions of 100 children since first offering this service in 2014 as part of a partnership with the West Virginia Adoption Project!


Kathy Baird (far right) poses with the Metheny children after their adoption in early 2015.

The Adoption Project is comprised of West Virginia child placing agencies and partners with the WV Department of Health and Human Resources to ensure timely adoptions for children placed in agency homes.

KVC’s Home Finders and case managers have assisted in the completion of these adoptions, but the primary force behind these adoptions has been Adoption Specialist Kathy Baird. Kathy has years of child welfare experience and great connections with community partners in the state.  This knowledge has allowed Kathy to advocate for and complete adoptions in a timely manner.  Families and children love Kathy, and she is requested often by KVC families to complete their adoptions due to her kindness, wit, and expertise.  Community partners respect Kathy for her determination and her can-do spirit.

KVC would like to thank Kathy and the other KVC staff for their hard work in making dreams come true by matching children with loving forever families!

Learn more about adopting a child in foster care through KVC.

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