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KVC is starting its own troop!

KVC is starting its own troop! The Advisory Troop gatherings are being created in each KVC area and encourage all foster and adoptive parents who are interested to join the fun. The groups look to promote foster/adoptive parent unity, wellness, and networking, as well as developing training topics, booster activities, and advocacy for our children. These meetings are designed to allow foster and adoptive parents to have a voice about their foster and adoptive programs with KVC. Lead Home Finder Robin Cremeans will be leading our introductory meetings with some fun exercises to generate ideas on where we want our troops to focus.
The upcoming Advisory Troop schedule is as follows and is open to all active KVC foster and adoptive parents:

  • Charleston Office—Wednesday, April 9 from 10 am—1 pm
  • Lincoln Office – Tuesday, April 8 from 10 am—1 pm
  • Logan Office—Friday, April 11 from 10 am—1 pm
  • Ripley Office— Friday, April 4 from 10 am—12 pm
  • Wayne Office—Thursday, April 10 from 11 am—1 pm
  • Wyoming Office—Thursday, April 17 from 12—2 pm

We look forward to seeing you there!