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Foster Care and Mental Healthcare Leader KVC West Virginia Welcomes New President

Erin Keltner Named KVC West Virginia President

After a thoughtful selection process, the KVC West Virginia Board of Directors is delighted to announce that Erin Keltner will become President of KVC West Virginia, effective July 1, 2024. In addition, current President Brent Lemon will become Executive Vice President. These two changes pave the way for KVC to make an even greater positive impact in the lives of children and families.

Bringing Experience, Innovation & Meaningful Connections

erin keltner kvc west virginia president

Erin Keltner, LCSW, LICSW

Erin Keltner, LCSW, LICSW, has been with KVC for nearly 20 years, currently serving as Vice President of Clinical Services. In this role, she leads our team to provide the highest quality therapeutic services to children and families. She has held many roles with KVC in both Kentucky and West Virginia, leading the permanency, training, quality assurance and system of care teams; conducting trainings for partners like the West Virginia Department of Human Services; and providing clinical supervision to master’s level social work staff and students.

“As a young clinician, I loved meeting with families and helping them to be their best,” said Erin Keltner. “I enjoyed getting to know people and working with them to find solutions to their challenges. Over time, I have been able to translate that passion into work with our staff. I’m passionate about learning new practice techniques and being able to share them with our staff in a way that meets their needs and grows their knowledge base.”

She is also a Gallup-trained employee engagement champion and a certified Clifton Strengths coach, helping to make KVC an exceptional place to work. Outside of KVC, Keltner has long been an active leader in national groups like the Family Focused Treatment Association (FFTA) where she serves as Vice Chairperson of the board.

Jason Hooper, KVC Health Systems President and CEO“Erin has been sharpening her skills for a long time, building vibrant relationships both within our team and with our partners,” said Jason Hooper, KVC Health Systems President and CEO. “Given the real needs families are experiencing and the range of solutions we provide from therapy, to foster care, to education, I am confident Erin will bring her own unique style to lead, elevate quality, and grow our impact.”

Transforming Outcomes for Youth in Foster Care

brent lemon kvc

Brent Lemon, LCSW

Brent Lemon, who is currently serving as President, will be moving into a new role as Executive Vice President reporting to Erin Stucky, KVC Health Systems Chief Operations Officer. In recent years, Lemon has focused on creating new educational opportunities for youth emerging from foster care. He put together a coalition of partners including Fairmont State University and the West Virginia Department of Education to launch a free, two-year program for older teens in foster care that begins this fall.

The program, Middle College at Fairmont State University, directly addresses the national crisis of youth who age out of foster care each year by offering students free tuition and on-campus living along with wraparound therapeutic support. Youth will emerge with both their high school diploma and an associate’s degree, or credit toward a bachelor’s degree, opening exciting possibilities for employment and success.

In addition, Lemon will help KVC explore other opportunities for expanding educational programs and mental health services nationwide. He is an excellent relationship-builder and innovator, someone who brings joy and creativity to the process of solving problems.

“I am excited to see Brent use these skills to advance the array of opportunities open to children and families in need,” said Hooper.

For media questions, contact Kristina Foster, Director of Marketing & Communications, at (816) 534-8099 or

How To Help Children and Families in Your Community

KVC West Virginia envisions a world in which every person is safe and connected to a strong family and a healthy community. Caring community members are encouraged to get involved by becoming a foster parent, adopting from foster care, joining the KVC team, involving their church community, volunteering or donating to KVC West Virginia.

About KVC West Virginia

KVC West Virginia is a private, nonprofit organization and a leading child welfare agency and mental health treatment provider. With over 20 years of experience, KVC enriches and enhances the lives of children and families through trauma-informed services such as foster care, adoption, outpatient mental health treatment, in-home family preservation, and educational support services.

KVC is accredited by The Joint Commission and partners with a diverse array of organizations serving children and families — including Fairmont State University, the West Virginia Department of Human Services, the West Virginia Department of Education, First Star, public school districts, and other child welfare and healthcare organizations. Learn more at and follow us on Facebook at KVC West Virginia.

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