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How Family Preservation Services Keep Families Together

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Sometimes, families face tremendous challenges that are difficult to overcome unless they have support from caring professionals. Too often, families don’t know where to turn or who to ask for help. KVC West Virginia provides a path toward hope and healing through family preservation services, crisis management, in-home therapy and skill-building, and connecting family needs with community resources.

Family preservation services are designed to help families going through crisis and prevent children from having to enter foster care. Separating children from their family due to safety concerns is a traumatic experience that can have physical and mental health repercussions for years. Oftentimes, children don’t need to be removed from the home when parents are provided with empowering services and support from healthcare professionals.

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Types of Preservation Services

Services may include drug treatment, parent training, counseling, or behavior management.

  • Education and enabling services – This area focuses on improving and empowering parents, often through one-on-one assistance with a therapist or through informal support groups. Focus areas can include financial planning, communication skills, problem-solving skills or conflict management skills.
  • Therapeutic services – This can focus on short-term, family-centered services, such as crisis intervention. Long-term services are also available, which can include family counseling, marriage counseling, substance use counseling or mediation.
  • Concrete services – Sometimes families struggle maintaining basic needs. To help, family preservation workers can help with housekeeping, transport family members, provide food and financial assistance or connect families with local resources.

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What preservation services does KVC West Virginia provide?

Our Family Preservation Services help strengthen families and keep children safely at home rather than exiting into foster care. We offer two different types of preservation services including socially-necessary and medically-necessary services. These services are designed to:

  • Help families remain safely together.
  • Divert children from being placed in foster care or a residential treatment center.
  • Assist in the reunification of children from out-of-home placement.
  • Improve family relationships.

All families experience tough times. Whether they are related to substance abuse, trauma, physical or mental illness, or behavioral problems, these challenges can be difficult for a family to overcome on their own and can impact a family’s ability to stay safely together. The primary goal of KVC’s Intensive In-Home Services is to keep children safely in their family’s home.

What are medically-necessary services?

family preservation services

Medically-necessary services give children, families and adults the tools needed to maintain healthy, stable relationships. Using trauma-informed treatment approaches, our therapists provide high-quality healthcare to individuals and families in the privacy of their own homes, at our offices or via telehealth. We work to meet the needs of children, adolescents and adults so they can meet their full potential at home, school and work. Services are child-centered, family-driven and strength-based. We serve clients equally, without regard to race, color or national origin.

KVC provides these services to children and adults who have Medicaid and meet APS Healthcare and Medicaid criteria for medical necessity. We serve several West Virginia counties including Jackson, Kanawha, Lincoln, Roane, Wayne, Logan, Princeton, and Raleigh. Contact one of our offices to check if you’re eligible to receive these services and learn about therapist availability in your area.

What are socially-necessary services?

help children during the holidaysSocially-necessary services are interventions designed to maintain or establish safety, permanency and well-being. The goal of these services are to improve relationships and social functioning while preserving a family’s ability to stay safely together. We work with children and families in their own homes, where services are most effective and convenient.

We provide the following types of socially-necessary services:

  • Adult Life Skills
  • CAPS Services
  • Home Maker
  • Individualized Parenting
  • Pre-Reunification
  • Safety Services
  • Supervised Visitation I and II
  • Transportation

KVC provides socially-necessary services in several West Virginia counties including Jackson, Kanawha, Lincoln, Roane, Wayne, Logan, Princeton, and Raleigh. We accept referrals from the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) only, and clients of Child Protective Services or Youth Services are eligible to receive these services. If you’re with DHHR, contact one of our offices to make a referral.

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