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During National Adoption Month, KVC West Virginia Celebrates 150+ Children’s Adoptions

national adoption month

Pictured above: Children who recently found their Forever Families! Click here to learn more about adopting from foster care.

In 2019 and the past year, KVC West Virginia has helped nearly 150 youth find their Forever Families! These are children and teens who have experienced abuse, neglect or other serious family challenges. They cannot be safely reunited with their birth families and have no one else to care for them. According to the latest national report, over 122,000 U.S. children and teens in foster care are still waiting for an adoptive family. Every one of these waiting children deserves the love and security that a permanent home provides.

Interested in adopting? Sign up for the free foster and adoptive parent training classes.

Adopting a child from foster care is essentially FREE, which is not the case with private and international adoptions. Learn more about how much it costs to adopt a child.

Celebrate the 50+ Children Who Found Their Forever Homes This Year

November is National Adoption Month and we’re looking back at the more than 50 adoptions we’ve had the honor of helping facilitate over the past year! The COVID-19 pandemic may have changed the way families celebrate, but they still got to experience their joyful days. Take a look at this video and relive the happy memories with us!

In West Virginia, there are more than 7,000 children and teens in foster care. Become a foster parent and open your heart and home to a child in need. Check out some recent, amazing stories of youth in foster care who’s adoptions we helped facilitate over the past year! 

national adoption month 2020The Daniels Family 

After 728 days in foster care, Madison’s and Isaiah’s journey ended in October 2020. The family pet is excited too. Congratulations on your forever home with the Daniels!




national adoption month 2020

The Smith Family

It’s a wonderful day in West Virginia when teenagers are adopted! Congratulations to Valicity on her forever home with Debbie & Deron Smith. Valicity spent 1,159 days in foster care and the Smiths welcomed her into the family with open and loving arms in August 2020.



national adoption month 2020

The Marcum Family

In April 2020, Jonah “ofFISHally” found his forever home with the Marcum family! KVC West Virginia offers our sincere congratulations to Jonah and the Marcums for this joyful occasion.


KVC’s adoption work is done in partnership with the West Virginia Department for Health and Human Services. You can view online profiles and learn more about children who need to be adopted. Meet some of the children needing adoptive families in West Virginia at These profiles include photos and bios. 

National Adoption Month 2020

Throughout National Adoption Month, and particularly on National Adoption Day which is November 21 this year, courthouses across the country will help families finalize their adoptions and grow in love. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these adoption hearings are happening virtually in most states this year.

The theme of National Adoption Month 2020 is “Engage Youth: Listen and Learn,” which highlights the need to connect with teens, who often age out of foster care without a support system. Securing life-long connections for them is critical in determining their future well-being. Approximately one in five children in U.S. foster care waiting to be adopted are teens, but only 5% of all children adopted in 2017 were 15-18 years old.

According to the most recent AFCARS report, of the 122,000 children and youth waiting to be adopted:

  • 52% are male and 48% are female
  • 23% are African American, 21% are Hispanic, and 44% are white
  • The average age is eight years old
  • Average time in foster care is about 20 months

Check out this emotionally moving PSA on the rewards of adopting a teen:

Families Find New Ways to Celebrate Despite COVID-19 

Gatherings in courthouses, balloon releases and other fun group activities typically mark National Adoption Day celebrations. This time around, families and KVC staff are taking new approaches to celebrate families who adopted this year. Children’s adoption finalizations are still able to happen with judges using video conferencing, and every one is worth celebrating. 

If you’ve ever considered adopting, one of the best ways to know if it’s the best choice for you and your family is to foster! This free checklist provides an overview of the requirements and will help you decide if you’re ready to take the next step.

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