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Family of Eight Finds Healing from Childhood Trauma, Substance Abuse

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The following story illustrates the real challenges facing many children and families in our state and across America. It also demonstrates the hard work and commitment of our staff to help and live our tagline: People matter. Names and circumstances have been omitted to protect confidentiality.

“There was a couple with six children. They had three children together and the others were from previous relationships. Both adults had substance abuse issues and Child Protective Services removed the children from their home. While the children were in foster care, the parents began to work with the KVC therapist in Trauma Systems Therapy (TST) and realized they had experienced childhood trauma themselves. They continued parenting classes and attended Narcotics Anonymous meetings regularly.

The mother took the test for her GED and she scored so high, the staff came out to congratulate her. Her confidence improved and she began college. The husband had not worked and had neither a vehicle nor an income. A man in town gave him a job on a farm, and as he began to work and provide for his family, his confidence increased.

The oldest daughter was distraught and felt abandoned and subsequently attempted suicide. The family called KVC and the therapist assisted with her hospital admission. Two children were moved from foster care to live with grandparents. During the initial stages of providing in-home services, two of the children and parents began individual and family therapy. The children living with their grandparents began individual therapy and then moved into family therapy with their parents. Using TST, KVC helped this family work through several instances of trauma that they had experienced. The treatment team also used KVC’s Safe & Connected™ approach and made a plan to help the family meet their needs and reach their goals.

The couple now has four of their children back in their home, and the other two children visit every weekend. The mother began caring for their landlord (who was ill) and he signed over the house he was renting to the family. This family is continuing family therapy after all the services provided by the state come to a close. This is truly a changed family.”

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