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Wraparound Principles of Safe at Home West Virginia – Individualized

Safe at Home West Virginia, as part of the state’s Title IV-E waiver demonstration project, is going strong and bringing the youth of West Virginia home to their communities. An integral part of this program are the ten Wraparound Principles, as created by the National Wraparound Initiative.  These principles help to drive the treatment that youth and families are receiving as part of Safe at Home West Virginia.  This is the seventh blog in the series about the principles.


The National Wraparound Initiative describes the principle of being Individualized as:

  • “To achieve the goals laid out in the wraparound plan, the team develops and implements a customized set of strategies, supports, and services.”

What this means for families – when the team works together, the youth and family receive a plan that meets their unique needs and challenges. This plan is able to be developed, worked and achieved by the family because their voices are heard and are integrated directly into the plan. Because the plan is theirs, the family is able to be more successful. Paramount to this idea is the principle of Family Voice and Choice. This principle states that the team listens very closely to the family’s needs, strengths, and their intended direction in services. While other team members will have additional input and services that can be used, the youth and family’s perspective on the situation will be the most important. When team members listen to the youth and family, a plan that truly meets their needs can be developed.

One can quickly see how making plans that are “cookie cutter” or universal would be lost on a family. If the plan only reflects what others believe are the strengths and needs of the family or explains a family’s history, the family may struggle to connect with that plan. Listening to a youth’s own experiences and his perception of the needs, areas of improvement, and strengths empower the youth. Further integrating that information into his or her treatment plan build on that empowerment and allow the youth to be successful. The team who works together to customize a treatment plan for youth or a family will increase the chances for positive outcomes.

What assets, resources, or supports can you bring to a youth or family in need? Are you interested in more information about Safe at Home West Virginia or KVC? Click here to learn about the ways that KVC West Virginia is making a difference in the lives of children.